a r t b y s s_

Artbyss is an interdisciplinary digital art collective of six people, created thanks to the support of the Digital Art Camp Grenoble in 2019.

This collective brings together multidisciplinary profiles mixing artistic, scientific and audio-visual sensibility, with the aim of investigating new art forms and new digital medias: whether interactive, video-projected or immersive.

We created  a Mixed Reality experience called “Into the Abyss” who mixed VR, sound design and scenography. This immersive expérience allows the public to enter into a container who is floating in the middle of the ocean and dives into the abyss, where they will discover a new underwater univers of lights, particules and authentique species.

Team members: Zoé Trouillet-Bodet | Gaël Le Godais | Alex Andrix | Rémi Kambuzat | Yves Brozat | Natalia Giraldo

Technical specifications

Softwares: Unity, 3D Max, Premier Pro, Audacity, Ableton Live